Monday, August 25, 2008


So... what a better day to move than in the middle of a hurricane. Apt. people only had one two room apt available and it is upstairs. Can't stay here... flooding is getting worse. Clint and I are already sick again and Wynn has started sneezing. So... what else do ya do... we are moving... in the rain (between tornado warnings)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Put on your rain boots and come on over

Last night I rocked myself asleep in the recliner. I awoke around 1am with Clint gently touching my foot. I thought to myself, "aww... how sweet. He is getting me up so I will go get in our bed and get a better night's sleep." He said, "Don't go to our bed. It is all wet." I thought... "NOT AGAIN!!!"

Here is the history. I am more allergic to mold than anything else in the world. It gives me crazy bad respiratory issues. Over the last year I have had pnumonia between 2-4 times (2 times confirmed by a chest xray... the other 2 I was pregnant and couldn't have the xray. I have been to primed countless times, used my inhaler on a 3-4 times a week basis, and taken 1 trip to the ER.

It all started in the bathroom. I noticed mold above our shower on the wall and ceiling. I called maintance and they came and "fixed" it. 2 months later... the mold is back. They come, apparently there was a leak in the tub in the apartment above us. Now that mold is under control. I wondered though, why am I still getting so sick. (Clint has also been deathly ill about 6 times in the last year, including one case of pnumonia.)

Then I fold it... One day as I cleaned up my room I noticed all my clothes that were on the floor by the bed were wet. And then I took another step, and my socks were all wet, as was all of the carpet along the outside wall and behind our bed. I called the apartment people... they came cleaned the carpets, installed a drain, and resealed the foundation... and then assured me they had rectified the issue.

Fast forward... I am 8 months pregnant... I am still nervous about the carpet and check occasionally... it happened again. This time they told me it was because the sprinklers were pointed at our wall... don't worry... we will clean the carpet and there isn't a problem. (Now for them to clean anything under the bed 8 month pregnant me had to go and move the bed cause no one came to help the carpet guy. We couldn't move it all, but we did move it over.)

Finally last night as tropical depression Faye hit, my room became a swimming pool... that extended into my bathroom and closet. All of my bedroom furniture is sitting in my living room, the carpet guy is taking my carpet out in buckets, and clint and I are going to meet with the apt people tomorrow... we have had it. Anyway... hope you are all having a good weekend.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Three Weeks Old

We are home, settled, and trying to get into a routine. Clint and I both fall more in love with Wynn everyday. Here are a few pictures of my beautiful baby girl.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lainey Wynn Lowery

All is well that ends well... that is the best way I can describe the roller coaster known as last week.

Monday 9:10 am, Clint and I arrive at the doctor's office. I am 40 weeks to the day and they wanted to do an ultrasound to check the babies progress and see how big she was. As soon as the doctor came in he said, man.... that is one big baby (that isn't an exact quote... this included an expletive). He said she was measuring about 9 lbs and he was worried that if she got any bigger I would not be able to deliver her. So he told us to go and check in the hospital early that afternoon and they would begin inducing labor. (I wasn't dilated at all at this point.) So Clint and I left quite excited knowing that the next day our little girl would arrive. Around 5 they gave me medicine to make me start to dilate. It also made me start to have contractions about every 2 minutes, so much so that they couldn't give me the other 2 doses of medicine that they were supposed to.

That night I began hurting pretty bad. Then they gave me something for the pain. Before it was even completely in my IV I was out. I got a good preview of what I would have been like drunk or high, and it was not pretty.

5 am the next morning they began the pit drip. Contractions still 2 min apart but now much stronger. By 7 am they broke my water. 10:30... time for my epidural... ok... at this points I comment to all those who praise the epidural... I am sure they are wonderful... if they work. 2 people came in to give it to me... turns out one of them was just "learning the ropes" the guy behind her was talking her through the whole thing. I am pretty sure she hit bone at one point. Finally the guy behind her gives it a go. He stuck me 2 times... then finally relief... that lasted an hour.

About an hour later I noticed a whole lot a feeling back in one side and felt my back was really wet. I had mom and clint look at it... my whole back, bed, everything was soaked with this yellow stuff and blood. We showed it to the nurse and told her about the feeling coming back. She had me turn on my side and then said the epidural just needed retaping. So more tape on my back and laying on my side... still in pain... this is all about noon.

Finally around 5 they realize hey... I don't think this is working right. (duh) maybe we should get another anesthesiologist in there to look at it. So, the next lady comes in, she says that it is in the wrong place and they are going to have to redo it... again... Clint is pretty mad at this point. I am pretty tired and still contracting pretty much constantly cause they keep upping my drip cause I am not dilating like they want me to. So, one more epidural. This one works about an hour and a half... then wears off faster than the first one did... by the way... my back is still leaking. (Why were me and Clint the only ones in the room really concerned about that?)

Ok... now... my little nurse (who was really sweet) kept checking me throughout the day and said around 6 I am 8cm dilated, then an hour later the doc came in (not mine cause he had to leave because his house got struck by lightening... that is a whole other story) anyway, new doctor checks me and says... you aren't close to 8... it is more like 4-5... we are going to up the drip again, and then reassess later. Anyway... around 11:30 I had pretty much stalled out at 7 cm. So time for a c-section.

Since my epidural wore off (again) they had one chance at a spinal block. If that worked then Clint could be in the room. If it didn't then they would have to put me out, and he wouldn't get to be in there. I have to say, at this point I wasn't too thrilled about another needle in my back, but I would much rather him be in there and me be awake than be asleep. Thankfully that one worked. On to the delivery room.

Dr. Phillips (who is now one of my favorite people) performed the c-section. He came in and began praying for the procedure he was about to start. When he finished he turned to Clint and said... this is the way it was supposed to be, God will take care of it.

Within 15 minutes she was out and doing well. The doctor said after he delivered her that it was a good thing they went ahead with the c-section because neither of us would have been able to survive a vaginal birth. (She was too big to come out of me) Praise God for taking care of us both.

So, after 36 hours... Lainey Wynn Lowery made her official entrance into the world. She was born at 12:27 July 30th. She weighed 8 lbs 10 oz. and was 21 inches long.

We ended up having to spend a little extra time in the hospital because Wynn became jaundiced. We were released from the hospital Sunday at 4. I have never been so happy to be home in my entire life. Tomorrow we go to the pediatrician to check on the jaundice so keep her in your prayers.