Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The one that was really hard to write

OK... so I have been missing in the blogosphere for a while now... I know... Honestly, it is for a lot of reasons. Most of them you will read about in the post to follow. Parts of the last year I am not going to go into... Parts of them I will. Read at your own risk.

In the last year I have:
had a baby (by emergency c-section)
moved (x2)
lost a job
got another job
clint lost a job
got another job
changed churches (x3)

I counted my stress points... at 200 I should have been hospitalized according to the health text book. I stopped counting at 500.

We will start with Wynn. We are both so in love with that little girl. She is amazing. It kills me to be away from her while I am at work. I live for days I don't have to take her to the babysitter. (not that we don't like the babysitter, she is great, I just want that time.) Who knew you could love someone that much... I always thought I understood that before. I didn't. In the last year she has smiled, rolled over, talked, crawled, and is almost walking.

The first move... our apt flooded... for the fourth time. Wynn was three weeks old.

This one is tough... I won't go into all the details. There are lots of reasons I won't. I lost my job. Lost is the only way I can describe it... I wasn't fired... I didn't quit. I just somehow lost it. A job I had sacrificed for for 5 years. I went to work the day before my wedding. I worked 18 hours a day 9 months pregnant 6 days a week. I went to work the day I checked into the hospital before I had Wynn. They called me... I stopped by again on the way to the hospital. They called me again a day after I had Wynn. I let my job take over my priorities. That was wrong. I was wrong. Turns out, either it didn't matter... or maybe God knew I needed a change.

I got a new job. This one was tough too... I knew I wanted to be there... I knew that they wanted me (which meant a lot after all the other had happened), but Clint was still looking. I knew God had a place for him, but it was scary for me to take a job not knowing where his would be or what would happen. I was happy about the job, but scard that it might mean a sacrifice for him. He might have even had to get out of coaching for a year. I knew he needed to coach, but we needed a job for at least one of us. I took the job... I cried. I was happy, but still worried.

Clint and PCA parted ways. It has been better for us. There are still some people there I love very much. There are other things I won't get into. I am tired of it.

Clint went and interviewed and took a job at Sparta Academy in Evergreen. He is so much happier than he has been in 2 and a half years. I praise God for that. He called me after he took the job; I didn't care. He was happy. He already is doing great things there. It is good to see his excitement back. The commute to work everyday is worth that to me.

We moved to Greenville. It is our version of meeting in the middle. Nice city... kinda clint's home turf. That is both good and bad. We live in a house. It is nice to have a yard. It is not nice that the dishwasher is broken. I like having more space. I hate moving.

We have found a new church home. That has been good. Who knew we could go to a church of Christ where Clint was more connected than I am. Funny how God works.

The last few months God has really been working on my faith. I will be honest that it has been severly shaken the last several months. It is good to be healing.

These are the highlight/lowlights... or at least the big ones. I pray for a less stressful year. I am thankful for God and his continued care (even when I didn't see it)