Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Singing in the rain and more

ok... So this was entirely too cute to pass up!

Things around our house have been crazy, but for the most part good. My hour commute isn't too bad. (It is only bad on days when Wynn is teething). Most days Wynn sleeps on the way to work and I talk to Dana and catch up on life. On the way home, Wynn and I sing "E I E I O" make animal sounds, sing Jesus Loves Me, the Hippo song and many more favorites. I gotta tell you... Wynn's monkey sound can make me smile even on the worst day ever.

We are just about settled into our new routine. Clint has been really busy. He is coaching the Varsity and the Jr High now too. (He took over the Jr. High in order to build his program. He broke a 3 year losing streak with them, so the future looks bright!) Wynn has learned to do the touchdown signal and thinks that her dad is at all things football... sparta games, fort dale games, any game on TV. She sees football and starts asking for her daddy.

I am hoping to get some video up soon! Check back later in the week.