Monday, May 12, 2008

What a beautiful face

Today we went back for our redo of the 4D ultrasound. Baby Wynn is now 3 pounds. Her heartrate was 158. She was a bit more cooperative today. We got several pictures of her face. Occasionally the nurse would push on my stomach so that maybe Wynn would move whatever hand or foot was infront of her face... Oh, no... my child just got ticked off and would move another hand or foot infront of her face... Anyway... here is what we saw today!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thanks George W

Today as I was checking my online bank account, I noticed that balance was significantlly higher than I expected. I scrolled down to see... have they not cashed my rent check... or any other check I have written this month??? Then I saw it. A 1200 dollar gift from the federal government. Now... most of this money is going into a savings acct on Monday; however, I did go ahead and buy our new travel system for baby Wynn today. After much looking, we decided on the Graco MetroLite. It was easy to put together, and looks good too! Guess we will get to see how it works in just over 2 months.

Monday, we go back for another chance at seeing Wynn's face. Maybe she won't hide this time!!! Check back Monday afternoon and hopefully I will have pictures!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Now introducing....

Lainey Wynn Lowery. Today we went for our 4D ultrasound. I know all of you find it hard to believe, but my child was being a bit stubborn, so we are going to go again Monday and try to get some clearer pics. (I love our ultrasound lady!) Anyway, here she is. Most of the time I had to turn away from the screen because of how she was lying, but it was fun because I got to watch Clint's reaction to everything.