Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wynn's Nursery

Ok... the bad part about putting together a nursery in an apartment is that you can't paint the walls! Sad. Anyway, last week Clint was gone to golf all day Tuesday, and so I had invited Brittney Blaich over to come and hang out for the afternoon. Clint had already put together the crib a few weeks ago, but the room was not cleaned out at all and the baby's dresser was still in the box. So... Brittney and I got out the power drill and got to work. I have to say I was pretty impressed with us! Anyway, we put together furniture, cleaned out the room, and got everything ready for Baby Wynn to come. We still have a ways to go (almost 3 months till her due date), but I feel a lot better knowing we have made such great progress. There is still nothing on the walls or windows (suggestions anyone???), but all the rest of it is in place.

Friday, April 11, 2008

It's a Girl!!!

We found out that we are having a baby girl. Clint and I are already excited and have been buying a dress or two already! We are planning on naming her Lainey Wynn Lowery and calling her Wynn. She is moving around all of the time now. She is definatly growing (as is my stomach!) So far I have gained 7 1/2 pounds. The doctor says everything looks great. I go back in another week to check my blood sugar and make sure I am not anemic, and then in 2 more weeks we get to go for our 4D ultrasound! Clint and I are both ready to meet her! Her due date is July 28th.