Sunday, July 27, 2008

40 weeks

Tomorrow morning we go to the doctor for an ultrasound and my 40 weeks appt. Hopefully we will find out things are progressing a bit more than they have been up to this point. Baby Wynn hasn't seemed to be in much of a hurry so far, which makes questions that stupid people ask like, "so, you haven't had that baby yet?" so much fun! I really think I am going to start saying, "No, we had her a few days ago... i know i didn't lose ANY weight, AND we left her at home." I really think some people are stupid.

Anyway, happier note, I got to see Adam, Dana, Emma, and Chloe last week. They stopped by on their way from Enterprise to Birmingham. I am pretty sure Adam is having a hard time coping with the fact that I am actually old enough to have a baby (he still doesn't think I am old enough to drive). Dana took some pregnant pics of me while they were here. (It is great having a sister in law who is such a good photographer!) The girls are getting SO big. Emma is so smart and social! She kept asking when Wynn's birthday was going to be. I told her I wished I knew. Chloe is the most petiete little speeding bullet I have ever seen. She doesn't look big enough to be walking and talking, but she doesn't let that stop her. I think she is going to be an athlete because she seemed to enjoy playing with baby Wynn's football and basketball toys.